Elephant on the Farm Book
Picture books by Brendan McDonald
Picture books by Brendan McDonald
Picture books by Brendan McDonald

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Picture books by Brendan McDonald

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Book:Giraffe in the Trees

Elephant on the Farm

Edward the Elephant finds himself on a Farm, feeling lonely and sad, but he has an unknown friend in Olive the Owl. As Olive brings Edward out to the Farm to meet the other animals – who he thinks look like his friends from the zoo, there is a fire and only Edward can save the day! This beautiful story of friendship, diversity & inclusion from debut author Brendan McDonald, shows us that no matter where you find yourself you will always find your tribe.

The Sheep who couldn't Sleep

The story follows Sally the Sheep who is trying her best to go to sleep. But disaster for Sally – she can't find her best friend Ted who always goes to sleep with her! She starts to recount all the places where Ted could have got to – including the farmyard, the zoo and even far away to the Eiffel Tower in Paris!

Giraffe in the Trees

Gerry the Giraffe lives high up in the trees in beautiful Glendalough – overlooking the two lakes and magnificent Round Tower below. Gerry has a secret – he can’t swim – and doesn’t want to tell any of the other animals. But when his friend Billy the Goat gets into difficulty on the lake Gerry, assisted by his friends Molly the Mouse and Ben the Butterfly, must face his fear of the water to save the day! This beautiful story of friendship and facing your fears, set in Glendalough, shows that with a little help from our friends we can not only over-come our fears but even help others in the process!