Chimac Sauces
Chimac Sauces
Chimac Sauces
Chimac Sauces

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Chimac Sauces

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Flavour:Korean BBQ Sauce
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Chimac Sauces

Korean BBQ Sauce

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Siracha Caramel

Some call it life’s sweetest kiss - we call it Sriracha Caramel. Chimac’s Sriracha Caramel marries sweet caramel, fresh garlic and spicy Sriracha to create a perfectly balanced elixir. This fragrant, sticky syrup is that special something you’ve been looking for.

Weight 432g

Korean Hot Sauce

Inspired by Korea & made in Dublin. A not too hot sauce that’ll ignite your wildest dreams. Chimac’s Korean Hot Sauce is made with gochujang, vinegar, spices and a whole lot of love. The result is an unmistakably tangy, funky flavour with just the right amount of heat. 

Weight 387g

Koran BBQ Sauce

Inspired by Korea & made in Dublin. A flavour aphrodisiac that’s both sweet and saucy. Chimac’s K-BBQ sauce is a fresh take on American BBQ flavours funked up with traditional Korean ingredients. It’s the perfect mix of fermented soybeans, brown sugar and a bunch of tasty spices. The result is a unique yet temptingly familiar  funky BBQ sauce that’s sweet, vinegary and undoubtedly delicious. 

Weight 396g