Blanco Nino Salsa
Blanco Nino Salsa
Blanco Nino Salsa

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Blanco Nino Salsa

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Flavour:Roasted Tomato

Roasted Tomato

A few years back, founder Phil set out on what would become quite a serendipitous journey across Mexico. Visiting the milpas, molinos and tortillerias of Mexico, Phil learnt how to make proper corn tortillas. Inspired by the tastes and traditions of Mexico, Phil returned to Ireland and in 2015, along with a great team, he opened the doors to the Tortilleria in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. Mexican tomatoes and red Jalapeno chillies fire roasted to a slight char, giving a subtle sweetness and debt in flavour with a soft but tantalising little kick of heat. Crowd pleaser of traditional dipping salsa, mild enough for all the family, It pairs perfectly with each flavour of the Blanco Nino tortilla chip range.

Roasted Pineapple

The sweet, slightly charred and caramelised pineapple is the star of this salsa. Perfectly balanced with the deep savoury onion and garlic, complemented with the tangy citrus notes from the lime juice and a wonderful kick of heat from the red Jalapeño chili. Perfect with lightly salted tortilla chips, topped on some citrus ceviche or even a Baja fish taco.

Salsa Verde

Fire Roasted tomatillo and green apple salsa. The sharp and subtly sweet, fire roasted tomatillo is wonderfully complimented by juicy green apple, a spicy tickle jalapeno and a generous helping of fresh coriander. The tomatillo is the slightly sharper relative of the tomato and cousin of the gooseberry. The state of Michoacán in Mexico on the Pacific coast, is known for its lush vegetation and for producing much of the country's tomatillos.  Perfect with the Chilli and Lime tortilla chips or added atop some crispy pork carnitas or wholesome enchiladas.