Blanco Niño Lightly Salted White Corn Chips
Blanco Niño Crisps
Blanco Niño Crisps
Blanco Niño Crisps
Blanco Niño Crisps

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Blanco Niño Crisps

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Flavour:Creamy Jalapeno

Creamy Jalapeno

This new flavour is wonderfully creamy with a subtle tang complimented by the tingling warmth from the jalapeño chilli.

Smoky Chipotle

Smoked and dried Chipotle chilli is the key ingredient in the famous adobo sauce. Smoky and a little sweet, with a friendly kick of heat, this sauce is the inspiration for these chips.

 Chilli and lime

Puebla is the home of some of Mexico’s richest culinary heritage and the most incredible Ancho chillies. Fresh, these chillies are called Poblanos but when sun dried they transform and intensify in flavour and take the name of Ancho. We source ours from a heritage farmer named Jorge. 

Blue corn

Amaranth and blue corn are two ancient grains so tasty and nutritious that they have been staples of the Aztec diet for thousands of years.

Together, these grains have a unique, subtly sweet and earthy flavour. We are proud to be able to work with farmers in Milpa Alta (meaning high corn field) which overlooks Lake Texcoco. This basin is home of the ancient Aztec capital city of Tenochtitlan, known today as Mexico City.  

 Lightly salted

We source the salt for these little chips from Celestún, in the Yucatan where you’ll find ancient Mayan salt-flats. We’ve partnered with a social enterprise whose mission is to promote traditional and sustainable salt harvesting practices.