A.P. Donnelly and Sons Sweets
A.P. Donnelly and Sons Sweets
A.P. Donnelly and Sons Sweets
A.P. Donnelly and Sons Sweets

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A.P. Donnelly and Sons Sweets

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Flavour:Rhubarb and Custard

Rhubarb and Custard 

AP Donnelly Rhubarb & Custard, combines the tartness of rhubarb with the smoothness of custard in a delightful confectionery blend. This classic flavour combination appeals to a wide array of tastes. The candies are elegantly packaged in 200g glass jars, which not only maintain their freshness and quality but also provide a sophisticated visual appeal. The commitment of AP Donnelly to quality ensures that these Rhubarb & Custard candies are a distinguished choice for those seeking exquisite and classic flavoured confections.

Apple Sours

AP Donnelly Apple Drops, offer a delightful apple flavour that's both authentic and refreshing. These candies are encased in elegant glass jars, enhancing their presentation and appeal. Known for their extended shelf life, these apple-flavoured sweets meet the demand for high-quality, naturally flavoured confectionery. AP Donnelly's dedication to excellence is evident in these Apple Drops, making them a distinguished choice for those who appreciate fine candies. These Apple Drops stand out for their premium quality and exquisite taste.

Clove Rock

AP Donnelly Clove Rock, offers a distinctive confectionery experience with its rich, aromatic clove flavour. These candies, encapsulated in stylish 200g glass jars, combine freshness with an appealing presentation. Their long shelf life and increasing popularity make them a notable choice for those who appreciate unique and high-quality confectionery. The intense and traditional clove taste of AP Donnelly's Clove Rocks provides a memorable and enjoyable candy experience.

Bulls Eyes

AP Donnelly Bullseye candies. These candies are cherished for their timeless flavour, appealing to a broad spectrum of customers with a sense of nostalgia and taste. The 200g glass jars not only preserve the delightful flavour but also enhance the visual appeal of displays. AP Donnelly Bullseyes are known for their prolonged shelf life and steady demand, making them an essential item for retailers in search of high-quality and sought-after confectionery products. Their traditional taste combined with premium packaging distinguishes them as a superior choice in any confectionery selection.