I started beekeeping in the summer of 2016. There were honey bees in the chimney of our house so I made up a swarm box and hung it on the side of the house. One week past by and believe it or not, I happened to be outside and a massive prime swarm ingulfed the yard and moved into the box. I was so excited to see that. Since then, I have built up a passion for beekeeping and my hive population has grown.

Robert and Ciara asked me would I like to put hives on their farm, I was very happy to do so. The bees are thriving at Coppenagh Farm and have very busy bringing lots of pollen and nectar into the hives.

They love the mature horse chestnut and sycamore trees which surround the farm.

During the summer the clover from the fields and blackberries from the hedgerows provide the bees with plenty of foraging.The golden honey from the hives on the farm, is available to purchase from the Coppenagh House Farm Shop.